The company located in the Trevigiana is still provoking surprises: once again it is outside the ceramica's sector mainstream, looking attentively towards the near future.
In 2005, a revolution started to take place in the mother company in Treviso: even more collections, a new, entrepreneurial spirit and new sensations to submit to a worldwide public that is ever more attentive to the initiatives brought by the historic company located in the Trevigiana.
Its gaze looks to the future, aiming with precision towards new horizons, always capable of sustaining, within its own panorama, the aesthetic, formal and related initiatives brought by this company, which was incorporated more than thirty years ago.
The Company can be found care off the best ceramics Showrooms in the world: its projects and materials adorn the most important houses and yachts, ranging from Saudi Arabia to the United States, passing through Europe and the Far East. In the contract market, Ceramica di Treviso can be found on the most important cruise liners afloat on the seas throughout the world.
Consumers growing awareness of ecology, bioarchitecture and architectural recovery has warmly welcomed Ceramica di Treviso Collections of Mosaico d'Argilla, created through early trials, already since '70s, in search of a more natural and harmonius product as direct expression of international design requirements to the Venetian company and able to integrate tradition as well.

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